Vegetables & Herbs

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Whether you are planning a big vegetable garden, a container garden or an herb garden, we've got you covered. We carry plant care necessities like fertilizer and gardening supplies. Get the information and supplies you need at Eckert’s Greenhouse. We offer a huge variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Growing herbs and vegetables is a great way to add organic, great tasting food to your diet.

What are Herbs and Vegetables?

Herbs have many uses. They can be decorative, medicinal, culinary, cosmetic and aromatic. Herbs are a great addition to many recipes and smell wonderful while they grow or dried. A vegetable is a plant or part of a plant that is used as food. There are many different kinds of vegetables. Root vegetables include carrots and potatoes. Fruits and vegetables are very similar, a fruit being the part of a plant that has developed from a flower. Whatever the name, growing food helps lower your grocery bills!

Planting Instructions:

Planting Note: We also recommend that you follow companion planting practices, please see our blog post about these practices to get the full potential out of your vegetable garden.

  1. Make sure you till the soil to aerate and loosen it up; if it's more clay like add Canadian Peat Moss to help break up the clay.
  2. Recommend using a Canadian based planting soil like Complete Planting Mix or adding a manure like Miracle Grow Manure to add more nutrients in soil (especially if its an area you have planted in before).
  3. Follow labeled instructions for spacing information.
  4. After planting fertilize with Espoma Garden Tone or Tomato Tone every 2 weeks and water thoroughly.

Featured Herbs:

Featured Vegetables (and Fruit):

Create a sustainable herb and vegetable garden in your own backyard with Eckert's.

We are passionate helping you to grow food. Because of that, we produce an extensive selection of vegetables and herbs. Our plant pros are always available to offer expert gardening advice. We want your garden to be fruitful and enjoyable. If you have limited space, a container garden can be a great place to start. We have everything you'll need to start your own container garden or raised-bed garden. Join one of our gardening events or come in anytime to speak with our knowledgeable staff.