Vegetable Varieties

We carry the best variety of peppers and tomatoes in the Sterling Heights area.

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Pepper Varieties:

Vegetable Varieties - Eckerts Greenhouse - Peppers

  • Bhut Jolokia Red (Ghost/HOT/ SHU)
  • Big Daddy (Sweet Yellow)
  • Carolina Reaper (HOT)
  • Cayenne (Hot)
  • Chili Grand (Hot)
  • Green Bell
  • Habanero (Hot)
  • Hungarian Wax (Hot)
  • Italian Roaster
  • Jalapeño (Hot)
  • Orange Bell
  • Red Bell
  • Super Chili (Hot)
  • Sweet Banana
  • Sweet Italian
  • Trinidad Scorpion (HOT)
  • Yum Yum (mixed mini bells)
  • Yellow Bell


Tomato Varieties:

Vegetable Varieties - Eckerts Greenhouse - tomatoes

  • Beefy Boy (indeterminate, large fruit, mid season)
  • Big Daddy (indeterminate, large fruit, mid season
  • Little Bing (patio tomato, small fruit, early season)
  • Brandy Boy (indeterminate, large fruit, late season)
  • Carolina Gold (determinate, large fruit, mid season)
  • Early Girl (determinate, medium fruit, early season)
  • Genuwine (heirloom, indeterminate, early season)
  • Honey Bunch Yellow (determinate, grape, early season)
  • Indigo Fireball (indeterminate, cherry, early season)
  • Jersey Boy (heirloom, indeterminate, early season)
  • Jolly Girl (determinate, grape, early season)
  • La Roma III (determinate, roma, mid season)
  • Marglobe (heirloom, determinate, early season)
  • Orange Zinger (indeterminate, cherry, early season)
  • Park's Season Starter (determinate, medium fruit, early season)
  • Pink Girl (indeterminate, medium fruit, mid season)
  • Rutgers (heirloom, indeterminate, early season)
  • San Marzano (heirloom, indeterminate, mid season)
  • Scarlet Red (determinate, large fruit, mid season)
  • Supersonic (indeterminate, large fruit, late season)
  • Supersteak Hybrid (indeterminate, large fruit, late season)
  • Supersweet 100 (indeterminate, cherry, early season)
  • Sweet Baby Girl (indeterminate, cherry, early season)
  • Sweet Zen (determinate, grape, early season)
  • Tomatillo Grande Rio Verde (determinate, tomatillo, late season)
  • Topsy Tom (semi-determinate, cherry (upside down planter), early season)
  • Ultra Pink (semi-determinate, medium fruit, early season)

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