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1) Which plants attract pollinators?



Ageratum Asclepias (Butterfly Weed)
Calibrachoa                     Aster
Heliotrope Bee Balm (Monarda)
Lantana Butterfly Bush
Marigold Echinacea
Pentas Hibiscus
Salvia Lavender
Verbena Phlox
Zinnia Salvia

Ask for our flyer on our pollinator attracting plants from any staff member. Remember pollinators are butterflies, bees, birds, and bats.

2) Which plants are salt tolerant for mailbox and roadside plantings?

Annuals Perennials
Begonia  Dianthus
Coleus Gypsophila                     
Lantana Heuchera
Petunia Perennial Grasses
Portulaca (Moss Rose)   Sedum     

With our Michigan winters this is a great question for gardeners to ask. Even though we don't salt our roads year round, the salt can still remain in the soil and affect plants that are in the gardens near the road.

3) Which plants use less water?

Annuals    Perennials
Celosia Asclepias (Butterfly Weed)
Cosmos Daylilies
Gazania Echinacea
Gomphrena Lavender
Portulaca (Moss Rose)    Rudbeckia
Succulents Salvia
Zinnia Sedum (tall varieties)

Drought tolerant plants are becoming popular do to the hassle free nature of not having to water as often as other plants. Ask one of our helpful staff for more ideas on drought tolerant plants.

4) Which plants grow in both sun and shade?

This can be a difficult question to answer. If your garden gets both sun and shade we would ask the follow-up questions below:

Is your garden facing North, South, East or West?

How long, or about what time, do you have sun and shade?

You can go to stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, ACE, or even Meijer and in their garden section look for a Sun Calculator. This is the best tool that can give you an idea of what is best for your garden. The following plants can work partially in both but its best to figure what kind of lighting you have first and then ask our staff to help you find the best plants.

Annuals Perennials
Coleus (some varieties) Heuchera (Coral Bells)
Elaitor Begonias Hostas (some varieties)*
Ipomoea Monarda (Bee Balm)
New Guinea SunPatiens Spiderwort

*Hostas could handle more of the morning sun (before Noon) or late evening (after 5pm) 

Posted April 2017
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