Top 5 Benefits of Companion Planting

Top 5 Benefits of Companion Planting - Eckert's Greenhouse: Garden Center & Plant Nursery in Sterling Heights, MI - companionplants2
Companion planting can decrease your need for fertilizers and weeding and keep your plants healthy. Check out the top 5 benefits of companion planting and then come into our Sterling Heights, MI Greenhouse. Our friendly staff will help you to pick out the perfect partners to your plants. 

1) Shelter

Larger plants protect others from the wind or too much sun.

2) Support

Some vegetables can be used as physical supports for others. As an example, pole beans planted with corn use the corn as a trellis.

3) Beneficial Insects

Attracting beneficial insects such as bees help spread pollen.

4) Soil Improvement

Some vegetable plants improve soil conditions for other plants. For example, members of the legume family (beans, etc.) draw nitrogen from the atmosphere and add it to the ground around them.

5) Decoy Plants

Some plants emit odors that aid in masking the odors of insect-desirable vegetable plants.

For more information check out the Farmers' Almanac article on Companion Planting: 10 Veggies That Should Grow Together

Posted April 2016 + Edited March 2019
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