Air Plants & Tropicals

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Our slogan says “from the rare and unusual to the popular and preferred.” It represents our commitment to carrying a huge selection of quality plants. Our selection of exotic, unique plants makes us the ideal choice for gardeners. We offer a wide selection of air plants (Tillandsia) in the Sterling Heights area. We're always adding new varieties and accessories, stop by and see!

What is an Air Plant?


Air plants make a statement with their unique and beautiful look. Their unique style that looks great on its own or as a part of an air plant terrarium. Since they don't require dirt, what you plant them in becomes an important part of their style. Glass containers with stones or gems in them make great planters.

Air Plant Care Instructions:

Air plants (Tillandsia) are part of the bromeliad family. In nature, they use their roots to attach themselves to rocks and trees to absorb moisture. Tillandsia is not planted in dirt but does need to be watered and have adequate light to stay healthy. They prefer to be stationed near a window or under artificial light.

  1. Once every week or so, soak the entire plant (except any flowers) in lukewarm water for about 45 minutes.
  2. Allow the plant to dry on a paper towel to avoid mold in the planter (4-5 hours).
  3. Make sure that your air plant has space near the roots in your planter for air to circulate. Proper air circulation is imperative.


Featured Air Plants:

Tillandsia (Air Plants) - Care Sheet

Print off our Air Plant Care Sheet PDF.  The following guides will help create an ideal habitat for your air plant... Read More...

What is a Tropical Plant?

Some tropical plants only thrive in very hot, humid weather like in the tropics. But, there are plenty of semi-tropical plants that can be grown here in Michigan with the right care. We feature tropical plants native to the tropics but strong enough to withstand Michigan weather. Tropical plants also make great house plants as they don't have to face severe temperatures inside a home. At Eckert's, we sell everything you'll need to set up your indoor or outdoor exotic, tropical garden.

Tropical Plant Care Instructions:

Calla Lily’s and other tropical and exotic plants have special care instructions. When you buy a tropical or exotic plant from Eckert’s, our helpful staff will give educate you on the proper care. Some general care information about tropical plants is helpful, but each plant is unique.
Many of the exotic plants we sell are tropical plants that do not tolerate dry periods or neglect. They can be a beautiful and unique feature in your garden, but make sure that you’re ready to water them regularly. If you have your plant in a pot, you should consider changing the soil every year to keep things fresh and adding extra water.

Featured Tropical Plants:

Create your own conversation starting garden with our rare and exotic tropical plants.

At Eckert's, we value education and creativity most of all. That's why our staff take the time to answer all of your questions. If you need help selecting the right tropical plants or air plants, Eckert's is the place to go. We offer detailed care instructions and plant care essentials. Stop by our greenhouse for interactive gardening events and the best selection of exotic plants in Sterling Heights.